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Members Non-permanent members
Pr. F. Anizon Alexia Visseq (PhD)
Dr. F. Giraud Honorine Dorcet (M2)
Pr. P. Moreau
Dr. E. Pereira

Pascale Moreau obtained her Master Degree in biophysicochemistry and cellular and molecular biology under the supervision of Pr. Gérald Guillaumet and Pr. Michel Monsigny (Orléans, France). She received her Ph.D from the University of Orléans (France) in 1993 under the supervision of Pr. Gérard Coudert working on the synthesis and reactivity of 1,4-benzodioxine derivatives. She joined Pr. Victor A. Snieckus’s group at Waterloo University (Canada), as a postdoctoral fellow in 1994-1995, working on macrocycles synthesis and directed ortho-metalation. During a second post-doctoral position at Bristol-Myers-Squibb (Marne-la-Vallée, France) she focused on asymmetric synthesis. In 1996, she moved to Blaise Pascal University (Clermont-Ferrand, France) as a lecturer in the group of Pr. Michelle Prudhomme working on hemisynthesis of rebeccamycin derivatives. She was appointed as a Professor in 2007. Her current research is devoted to the development of new bioactive heteroaromatic compounds.

Fabrice Anizon obtained a Master in Chemistry in 1996 from Blaise Pascal University (Clermont-Ferrand, France), after carrying out research in the groups of Prof. G. Jeminet (Clermont-Fd) and Daniel T. Glatzhofer (Oklahoma University, United States). In 1999, he received his PhD in organic and biological chemistry at Blaise Pascal University, under the supervision of Prof. Michelle Prudhomme, working on the synthesis of rebeccamycin derivatives as topoisomerase I or protein kinase inhibitors. He joined the group of Prof. Philip J. Kocienski at the Universities of Glasgow (Scotland) and Leeds (England) as a post-doctoral fellow focusing on targeting peptides in drug delivery. He carried on in the same group as a Lecturer at the University of Leeds (2001), working in the fields of organometallic chemisty and asymmetric synthesis, and from September 2001 at Blaise Pascal University in the group of Prof. Michelle Prudhomme. He was appointed Professor in the same University in 2008. His research interests focus on the design synthesis of biologically active hetero-aromatic compounds.

Francis Giraud graduated in 2004 from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse as chemical engineer. The same year, he obtained his master degree from the Haute Alsace University under the supervision of Prof. Jacques Eustache and Pierre van de Weghe. In 2007 he received his PhD in organic chemistry from the Nantes Atlantique University (France) under the supervision of Pr. Marc Le Borgne and Dr. Cédric Logé for his work on the design and synthesis of indole derivatives with potential antifungal or antileishmanial interest. After a one-year post-doc in the same group with Prof. Muriel Duflos and Pascal Marchand, he reached Dr. René Grée’s group in Rennes (France) to work on the preparation of fluorinated analogues of melatonin. In 2009, he obtained a temporary position as research and teaching assistant in the group of Prof. Pascale Moreau at the Blaise Pascal University (Clermont-Ferrand, France). In 2010, he was appointed Assistant Professor the same group and obtained his "Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches" in 2017. His research interests are mainly dealing with the development of original synthetic routes of aza-heterocyclic compounds as potential kinases inhibitors.