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Publications 2016

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T. STIMPFLING, A. LANGRY, H. HINTZE-BRUENING, F. LEROUX* In situ platelets formation into aqueous polymer colloids: The topochemical transformation from single to double layered hydroxide (LSH-LDH) uncovered. J. Colloid Interface Sci., 2016, 462, 260-271.

M.A. ROCHA, P.A.D. PETERSEN, E. TEIXEIRA NETO, H.M. PETRILLI, F. LEROUX, C. TAVIOT-GUEHO, V.R.L. CONSTANTINO* Layered double hydroxide and sulindac coiled and scrolled nanoassemblies for storage and drug release. RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 16419-16436.

M. B. S. FORTE*, C. TAVIOT-GUÉHO, F. LEROUX, M. I. RODRIGUES, F. MAUGERI FILHO Clavulanic acid separation on fixed bed columns of layered double hydroxides: optimization of operating parameters using breakthrough curves. Process Biochemistry, 2016, 51, 509–516.

M. B. S. FORTE*, C. TAVIOT-GUEHO, F. LEROUX, M. I. RODRIGUES, F. MAUGERI FILHO Development and characterization of a new adsorbent for biomolecule separation: intercalation and adsorption of clavulanic acid in layered double hydroxides. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2016, 91, 1709-1719.

H. BACHOUA, G. RENAUDIN, B. BADRAOUI, F. LEROUX, M. DEBBABI, J.-M. NEDELEC* Preparation and characterization of functionalized hybrid hydroxyapatite from phosphorite and its potential application to Pb2+ remediation. Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 2016, 78, 621-631.

Y. WANG, E. DELAHAYE, C. LEUVREY, F. LEROUX, P. RABU, G. ROGEZ* Efficient Microwave-Assisted Functionalization of the Aurivillius-Phase Bi2SrTa2O9. Inorganic Chemistry, 2016, 55, 4039-4046.

T. STIMPFLING, P. VIALAT, H. HINTZE-BRUENING, P. KEIL, V. SHKIRSKIY, P. VOLOVITCH, K. OGLE, F. LEROUX* Amino Acid Interleaved Layered Double Hydroxides as Promising Hybrid Materials for AA2024 Corrosion Inhibition. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2016, 2006-2016.

Y. TOKUDOME*, T. MORIMOTO, N. TARUTANI, P. D. VAZ, C. D. NUNES, V. PREVOT, G. B. G. STENNING, M. TAKAHASHI Layered Double Hydroxide Nanoclusters: Aqueous, Concentrated, Stable, and Catalytically Active Colloids toward Green Chemistry. ACS Nano, 2016, 10, 5550-5559.

C. VESCHAMBRES, M. HALMA, E. BOURGEAT-LAMI, L. CHAZEAU, F. DALMAS*, V. PREVOT* Layered double hydroxides: Efficient fillers for waterborne nanocomposite films. Appl. Clay Sci., 2016, 130, 55-61.

S. SENE, M. A. PIZZOCCARO, J. VEZZANI, M. REINHOLDT, P. GAVEAU, D. BERTHOMIEU, S. BEGU, C. GERVAIS, C. BONHOMME, G. RENAUDIN, A. MESBAH, A. VAN DER LEE, M. E. SMITH, D. LAURENCIN* Coordination Networks Based on Boronate and Benzoxaborolate Ligands. Crystals, 2016, 6, 48.