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Conference topics

by Karine Ballerat - 21 November 2016

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Conference topics :

  1. Carbon Capture
    • New processes and solvents for CO2 removal
    • Physical and thermodynamic properties of potential solvents
  2. Transportation of CO2
    • Compression
    • Pipe flow
    • Physical, thermodynamic and kinetic properties
  3. Utilization of Carbon Dioxide
    • Converting CO2 into commercial products
    • Food-grade CO2
  4. Injection of CO2
    • Wells, completions, cementation
    • Enhanced oil recovery
  5. Behavior of CO2 in the Reservoir
    • Reservoir characterization
    • Physical properties of carbon dioxide (in particular the effect of impurities)
    • Flow through the reservoir
    • Mineralization of CO2
    • Seismic activity related to fluid injection
  6. Related subjects
    • Reducing the cost of CCUS
    • Corrosion
    • Lessons learned from acid gas injection – a more mature technology
    • Current CO2 market study
    • CCS market study