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by Karine Ballerat - 2 March 2018

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Des enzymes pour la chimie verte : production de polyols par voie biocatalytique

- duration : 24 month

- Coordinator :

  • at ICCF: Laurence Hecquet
  • Industrial Partner: Greentech, Saint Beauzire

- Financial support:

  • Global budget : 100 K€

-  abstract :

This project concerns the field of chemistry for sustainable development, especifically biocatalysis for the synthesis of valuable organic compounds. The objective here is to produce in vitro, thanks to enzymes from microbial biomass, polyols of great structural diversity, highly valuable molecules in the pharmaceutical, food and detergent fields. In addition, since the substrates of the enzymes used can be bio-based (amino acids or sugars), this biocatalytic process makes it possible to meet the 12 principles of green chemistry. This innovative, original and powerful process also offers many advances for industrial applications: gain in stages, saving of atoms and use of soft conditions (aqueous medium, neutral pH, atmospheric pressure), use of recyclable biocatalysts (immobilization on materials clay type). The project’s prospects focus on the application of the process to a wider range of molecules that could be valued by the company Greentech that supports this project.