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by Federico Cisnetti - 13 November 2012

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Current group Members

1 CNRS researcher, 2 lecturers, 1 postgraduate student, 2 undergraduates.

Organometallics Group
Permanent members Non-permanent members
Arnaud Gautier, CNRS researcher Kévin Fauché, PG student
Jean-Louis Canet, SIGMA Clermont lecturer Julien Buzenet (undergraduate)
Federico Cisnetti, UBP lecturer

Mickaël Desroches (undergraduate)

Arnaud Gautier obtained his PhD from the Université d’Auvergne in 1995 and undertook postdoctoral training at Stanford University (prof. B. M. Trost and prof. W. S. Johnson). In 1997, he moved to the Professor Markó’s team at the Université Catholique de Louvain. He was appointed as a CNRS member (IRCOF, Rouen, France, 1999) in prof. Serge Piettre’s group. In 2005, he moved to the Université Blaise Pascal and started the "Chelates for Imaging and Therapy group", which became the "Organometallics" group. In 2013 he was promoted to directeur de recherche (research professor).

Jean-Louis Canet obtained his PhD in organic chemistry from the Université Paris-Sud in 1992 and was appointed as lecturer in ENSCCF (now SIGMA Clermont) after a post-doctoral stay in de prof. de Meijere’s lab (Göttingen). After a prolonged resarch activity on chiral nitrogen heterocycles, he joined in 2008 the Chelates for Imaging and Therapy group to work on the modular synthesis of lanthanide chelates.

Federico Cisnetti studied in University of Geneva, ENS and Paris-Sud University where he obtained his PhD in inorganic chemistry in 2007. After a postdoctoral stay in CEA-Grenoble, he was appointed in 2009 as lecturer in Université Blaise Pascal and received his habilitation in 2013. At the present time, his research interests are focused on organometallic chemistry, in particular N-heterocyclic carbene complexes and their applications in aqueous phase, in biology and catalysis.

Former members (by year of departure):

  • 2017 Leslie Bitard, Deborah Cardoso (Sigma)
  • 2016 Aurore Bonnemoy (technician), Amélie Maure (undergraduate), Anca G. Coman (Erasmus visiting PhD student), Delphine Rouzeyrol (undergraduate), Ebrahim Ettarabti (undergraduate), Moussa N’Diaye (undergraduate)
  • 2015 Zohra Kouidri (engineering school student), Quentin Roche (Master), Théo Rongère (Master), Mélanie Krywalsky (undergraduate)
  • 2014 Clémentine Gibard (PhD), Pierre Adumeau (PhD), Houssein Ibrahim (Post-doc), Frederick Lacemon (Master), Victoria Garcia (undergraduate), Manon Chevrier (undergraduate).
  • 2013 Michela di Giannantonio (Erasmus), Olivier Piebourg (Master), Aurore Bonnemoy (undergraduate), Diane Delbègue (Master)
  • 2012 Carolina Valerio Barra, Fillipe Vieira Rocha (brazilian PhD students), Nicolas Candelon (post-doc), Bernard Bidon (undergraduate)
  • 2011 Marine Gagnevin (undergraduate), Christelle Gaulier (Master), Claire Gaillard (post-doc)
  • 2010 Pauline Labeaume (undergraduate), Loic Donato (Master), Audrey Hospital (Master), Vijetha Mogilireddy (Master, India), Aurélien Chevry (PhD), Xianmin Guo (post-doc), Denise Dugat (CNRS researcher)
  • 2009 Zein Chamas (Master), Marie-Laure Teyssot (lecturer)
  • 2008 Antony Peixoto (undergraduate), Patricja Serafin (Master, Erasmus), Aurélie Maisonial (Master)

Old group photos :

summer 2015
summer 2014
summer 2013
summer 2012
winter 2011-2012