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Research topics

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Biocatalysis in organic synthesis for chiral molecules preparation of biological interest. Enzymes are natural biocatalysts highly selectives and efficient. The chemo- regio- and stereoselectivity of biocatalysed reactions leads to environmental friendly process developments. They answer to several green chemistry principles : shortened syntheses, reduced organic solvents volumes, reduced energetic costs and enzymes are naturally biodegradables. Our aim integrates specificity studies and utilisation of synthetic potential of the enzymes produced from recombinant strains. Improvement and modulation of the enzymatic tools as well as exploration of new catalytic activities (mutagenesis or bank genome screening) are developped in collaboration with Genoscope (Evry, France) and several european laboratories.

Our work is focused on two main themes:

Enzymatic Transamination for non natural amino acid preparation. Aminotransferases (AT) in synthesis offer today a large number of possibilities to access to a broad diversity of chiral amines including alpha or beta aminoacids starting from carbonyl derivatives.

C-C bond formation for chiral polyols preparation. Aldolases and transketolases are key enzymes of the glucidic metabolism. They stereoselectively catalyse a C-C bond formation, generally an addition reaction between a carbonyl donor substrate and an aldehyde acceptor substrate. These enzymes are useful tools for structurally diversified chiral polyols preparation. Our projects in this field concern aldolase and transketolase applications for the synthesis of chiral polyols, design and search of new catalytic activities as well as enzyme immobilization.