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Lionel Perrin, Franck Jolibois and Romuald Poteau
LPCNO (UMR CNRS 5215) INSA- UPS Toulouse.

Claude Leclerc and Richard Lo-Man
INSERM U883 Institut Pasteur, Paris.

Alison E. Edwards The Medway School of Pharmacy, The Universities of Kent and Greenwich at Medway , Kent, UK.

Claude Didierjean
CRM2 (UMR CNRS 7036) Faculté des Sciences et Technologies, UHP NANCY I.

Anne Imberty
CERMAV UPR CNRS 5301, Grenoble.

Thomas Hjelmgaard and John Nielsen
University of Copenhagen, Danemark.

Société Biofilm Control
Saint-Beauzire, France.


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