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Organometallics group

Formerly: Chelates for imaging and therapy

Permanent members: A. Gautier, J.-L. Canet, F. Cisnetti (coordinator)


Latest News: a communication about recent developments by the group on azide-alkyne cycloaddition catalysis has been published in Chem. Commun. (Cu(IPr)2(μ-OH))(BF4): Synthesis and Halide-Free CuAAC Catalysis [may 2014]

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Research subjects

Outlook of undergoing research projects: metallocarbenes as biocative molecules and for catalysis, click-modified lanthanide complexes

Planets AC 2013 CC 2013 CC 2012 CC 2012 CC 2011 OM 2013

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Network, collaborations, projects

Local, national and international collaborations / funded projects actually in progress

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Current group members: 1 CNRS researcher, 2 lecturers, 1 PhD student, 1 Master student.

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